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The ANIAD Program adopts a community-based approach which is operationalized through:

  Issue-based organizing addressing key result areas

  critical awareness and community-oriented values
  advocacy and alliance-building
  gender sensitivity and gender fairness
  basic social services
  land and coastal resources tenure
  environmental conservation and rehabilitation
  economic profitability

  Strengthening and working with existing local institutions


  stimulating complementary activities so that they reinforce each other
  stimulating PO-NGO-GO collaboration and systematizing coordination among them in specific activities and geographical areas
  using the household, with its integrated structure of needs, as a focus
  using the farming system, with its various related elements, as a starting point of intervention

  Step-by-step and flexible approach

  Targeting specific disadvantaged groups

  small landowners
  tillers with insecure land tenure
  landless agricultural workers
  sustenance fishers

  Program-wide and activity-specific sensitivity to gender issues

  Geographical areas of concentration around major watersheds


Introduction | Phase 1 Data | Phase 2 Final Report